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Pancakes, Herring Sandwiches and How to Improve a Chocolate Croissant

For the next post discussing the foods we ate during our recent trip to Amsterdam, I’ll be taking a short trip around some of the smaller foods we ate, some dishes traditionally Dutch, and some less so, but still delicious. Firstly, a visit to the famous Pancake Cafe.

This really needs no explanation. What I particularly liked was the international pancakes – a pancake filled with a combination of national flavours served with a salad garnish. This example was the particularly delicious Greek version, filled with minted lamb, feta, kalamata olives, garlic and pine nuts. Accompanied with salad – both Greek and regular mixed leaf – it was an extremely filling but delicious lunch!


Max’s pancake was also delicious, filled with ham, cheese and mushrooms – again very generous in size! But his favourite lunch by a mile was the traditional herring sandwich with gherkin. (The gherkin undoubtedly made it for him!) A white roll, filled with pickled herring and gherkin, it was described as being like a ‘healthy thick smoked salmon sandwich. Along with the numerous portions of chips (minus mayonnaise – I’m not going that far!), we ate very well, albeit unhealthily everyday!

Amsterdam 2013 195

And lastly, Amsterdam have fixed the problem with the chocolate croissant (not enough chocolate!) How to do this? Dip it in chocolate. Problem solved.

chocolate croissant


Also, bitterboren. Don’t bother. Particularly when they come from a vending machine.

bitterboren vending machine

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