Bratislava – the Queen of (Cheese)Cake

Over Christmas, we went to Bratislava and Vienna for a couple of days which was lovely, and a very well deserved break! Now, during this trip we saw some rather unique things, including a church designed by Cinderella, an aptly named UFO bridge and some of the heaviest food I have ever eaten! (Yes halusky, I’m looking at you!)

cinderella churchCinderella’s Church

ufo bridgeThe UFO Bridge

HalachyHalusky (In a very dark pub – this is actually lightened up!)

However, the culinary highlight of this trip, has to be the discovery of my new favourite cafe, which I now want to visit again, despite the distance. This cafe, Urban Space is one of my favourite styles – mismatched chairs, lots of books (its actually in a bookshop) and lovely cakes and drinks – frankly I could sit there all day!

Now my first discovery was the wonderful maple chai latte – having just discovered the deliciousness of chai lattes, I started drinking these with regular frequency! However good this was though, it was completely eclipsed by the cheesecake.

chesnut cheesecake

This is chestnut cheesecake. This was very good. However, this next dessert even pushed this delicious dessert in to the shadows.

Coconut cheesecake

This coconut cheese cake may be the most delicious cheesecake I have ever tasted in my life. Words cannot describe it and I fear that I may spend my whole life searching for this cheesecake. Oh my.

This was a culinary highlight. It also completely wiped the board with any cakes we tasted in Vienna – granted we didn’t manage to go into Cafe Sacher, but the queue was out the door! However, purely on this basis I would offer this advice. Go to Bratislava, visit Urban Space and never leave. Curl up with a maple chai latte, a piece of cheesecake and enjoy a little piece of Central European heaven.

Also apparently this is my 100th post, so I will celebrate this with some menu comments from this holiday. I love Bratislava.


Exam success – get free soup!


Not sure it’s my preferred student lunch…


And to finish, Bratislava may be the most supportive city ever. I love this.

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