Happy Blog-Day

Today is one year to the day since this blog began. A lot has happened in this year, and oddly enough this post finds me in a similar situation to that in which the blog started. Starting as an academic exercise (when I was too ill to get out of a chair), this challenge developed into a project to keep me sane, and one that even now keeps me calm and allows me to gain a sense of perspective when I am in need of such.

More importantly, it has produced a lot of cakes, all of which have been enthusiastically sampled by Max, myself and whichever lucky people (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) have been around at the time. As  result, to celebrate one year, this post will revisit some of the most popular cakes to have been created over this period.

Turkish Delight Cupcakes

Turkish Delight Cupcake 1

Hands down, the most request and popular recipe on this site – a complete winner!

Coconut Dream Cake


Another favourite with everyone , and surprisingly easy to make – foolproof hopefully!

Blueberry and Espresso Cupcakes

Norway muffins 1

These beauties got me a place in the National Cupcake Championships! Sadly no prize but there is always next year!

Wheat Beer and Chocolate Cake

belguim cake final

The favourite of the men folk – beer and chocolate! Can’t go wrong as far as they’re concerned!

The S’Mores Cupcakes

Smores cupcake

After taking these into work, they didn’t even make it past morning break. Success guaranteed.


Baklava 2 001

Made for an adorer of Baklava, despite having never really eaten it before. It went down a treat, and was requested again.

Cranachan Cupcakes

Cranachan Cupcakes

Creamy, fruity and boozy – what could be better?

I hope that these select few give you some nice ideas – there are many more that I could have put in here but otherwise the post would have been a little long… Here’s to another year of baking.

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