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Day Four: Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls

Today was quite a relaxed day, after the masses of driving we had in the previous days. We started by going back to Temple Square and looking through the several visitor centres, as well as having a second look around the  various buildings. I was particularly impressed with a beautiful model of the inside of the Temple. As non-Mormans we were obviously unable to see the actual temple, so this model was a lovely way to understand a little more of what went on inside. The painted walls in particular were absolutely stunning!

We then went on to explore the rest of the city, including the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art which confirmed that we are not arty people! With the exception of one exhibit about immigration from Mexico, the remainder just seemed a little random!

Far more appealing was the city library which aside from being very modern and arty, also had a great rooftop view of the city! We also stopped here for a quick cup of seafood chowder for lunch.


In the afternoon we then headed out to Idaho Falls for our next stop, in preparation for Yellowstone tomorrow. The journey was good and we had a lovely hotel, which we had a little time to settle into before supper. We also took the time to have a walk beside the eponymous falls, which were very impressive.



We then headed for supper at Makers Bar and Grill, which was a great meal. I chooses the Chicken Parmesan with a side of greens, which was delicious! It came with a complimentary salad or soup, which left you very full and satisfied! I chose the pear and pecan salad with raspberry vinaigrette and the starter plate was the size of a main! Brilliant value and very tasty!



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