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Pima Air and Space Museum

Otherwise known as the Aeroplane Graveyard. This is right next to Tucson International Airport and an active military base which led to a problem as 4 weeks ago the military instituted a new rule that stated that any foreign national had to show a passport to gain entrance – three of us had bought our passports but as the other two members of our party had not we couldn’t see the boneyard without splitting up. As it turns out we didn’t need passports to see the main body of restored planes, which was what we wanted to do anyway!

Below then are a lot of pictures of planes, taken from the tour bus (75 minutes on an Arizonan morning!)

The best name for a plane – the Petulant Porpoise!

I swear this plane is a cartoon (or at least inspired a smiley cartoon plane!

The Blackbird

The ‘Warthog’

When you’re cute but trying to look tough – the bumblebee

The ultimate airfix kit – build-it-yourself plane

The Dreamliner 787 vs Boeing 737

The Guppy (behind the others)

A random radar plane

Air Force One

This plane is called a fairy… one of the ugliest planes ever made apparently!

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