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Week 1: Concerts and Donuts.

I can’t get used to spelling donuts like that – it just doesn’t look right!

So this week we have done some great things in the evening. On Monday we went to the free Broadway in Chicago concert in Millennium Park, where actors on both Broadway and the Chicago stage come and perform a concert. We were lucky to get in but we realized soon that we should have brought a blanket, chairs something! We got there an hour before the concert started and we were not far from being the last people admitted! 

We saw performances from Wicked, Les Miserables, Motown the Musical, School of Rock and many others! We also had a preview of Escape to Margaritaville – the pre-Broadway run starting later this year! Betsy Wolfe also performed ‘She used to be mine’ from Waitress which was pretty amazing! 

On Tuesday we went for a walk through Greektown in search of the Mars Gallery (more on that later!) but when we got to it it was closed! However we finally visited Mariano’s and the world food aisle is Max’s new happy place, especially as it sells Bosnian coffee!

On Wednesday we went on a boat cruise along the river to watch the Navy Pier fireworks, which happen every Wednesday and Saturday in the summer months. The display was about 10 minutes long and was really impressive, and racing along the river was so much fun – though the bridges are scarily low at times!

This is the best picture we could get… sillouettes it is!

Thursday’s evening activity was getting cleaning products from Mariano’s – not the most exciting activity but it had to be done! On Friday we went back to the West Loop – I wanted to try Glazed and Infused (Donut Shop) but we got there to find it was closed! However,  we did walk on further and went to the Mars Gallery which was open this time! It stocks mostly pop art and seems to specialize images of pop culture icons over silk screen-printing.

However the highlight of the gallery was this…

This is Sammy – he’s the assistant manager.

As we couldn’t find the (open) donut shop instead we went to the supermarket where we got pastries which were very big and ridiculously cheap – $1.41 for a huge donut and a chocolate bearclaw. My donut even came with two rashers of bacon attached!

We then walked back to the centre and spent a bit of time admiring the huge red sculptures.

The Flamingo, by Alexander Calder

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