My New House(s)

For when I make my millions!

Most of these are either by Frank Lloyd Wright or from within the Oak Park district of Chicago, where he initially lived and designed many of the houses for.

Irreverent and non-academic commentary to follow them!

This seems to me to be the epitome of an American house, however according to Frank Lloyd Wright this was the Victorian architecture he wished to move away from.


Victorian is an English movement? This does not look like an English house to me!

The people in these houses must get sick of people taking pictures but they do have signs outside listing that the property is on the trail, so I figure they are asking for it really!

Starting to be a bit more prairie-style…

It’s so patriotic! And also looks SO wonky at the front… 

Frank Lloyd Wright apparently hated this house so much that he would walk a different way home to avoid seeing it…

It’s across the street from his house…

How does that work?

This is ole Frankie’s home! Note the pointy roof, lots of overhangs and focus on the horizontal!

Some pictures from the inside of his house as well! 

This is the way to cover your light fitting!

How to decorate your child’s schoolroom!

Because doesn’t everyone need to have carved pillars outside?

His studio – note the high walls blocking the windows, as he could not have his workers getting distracted by the outside!

When a tree gets in the way, build the house around the tree!

I love this panel

This was his favorite hexagonal study, complete with random composite floor and corkboards

More ‘Victorian’ houses

We also then went to his only religious building, Unity Temple. It’s just been through a huge refurbishment, but was less fancy than I expected – I thought it was going to be catholic-style grandness and as you can see it was not that! 

It’s very… blocky…

He does like green!

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