A Collection of Pictures

This is less a post and more a lot of pictures taken in the last few weeks along with annotations. 

Many of them are cake-based. I don’t apologize for this but we are joining the gym tomorrow…

A rather impressive school building on the way to Pilsen (the Mexican district which we went to today). 

Pilsen is famous for its murals which are scattered everywhere 

$3.50 dollar tacos!

Happy Max with his Mexican chicken torta!

Cannoli from Scarfuri’s – handmade in front of us!

The Bean at night (many more to come!)

I still don’t understand this installation -apparently it takes pictures of random people and uploads their faces? It’s just creepy!

Nutella old-fashioned from Glazed and Infused – Stan’s is still better!

Bibimbap – finally!

Random Alice in Wonderland mural on Milwaukee Avenue

I love Warm Belly Bakery cookies so much, especially when they are half price!

Note to self – there is a reason why Turkey Burgers have never really caught on…

Heading back from West Loop

Evenings in West Loop

Very weird murals in West Loop!

Enjoy! Hopefully some more next week!

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