The Great Durham Cupcake Challenge

Flag of the city of Durham

As a brief follow-up from the Great Phoenix Cupcake Challenge of a few weeks ago, I am pleased to announce that right in the middle of Durham, there is a cupcake shop which rises above many of the more famous American counterparts. On a recent trip, we went to visit this little shop, less that 5 minutes walk away from the beautifully picturesque cathedral and castle and were so excited to find that these were no less than some of the best cupcakes we had ever tasted! High praise indeed!

The shop in question, Be Tempted has been running just over year, and consists of a little shop and coffee shop combined. They sell a range of handmade cupcakes alongside standard English coffee-shop fare Рsandwiches/drinks and afternoon tea foods. We did not stay for coffee, but based on the quality of their cupcakes, next time I would!


We tried two of the many cupcakes, the double chocolate cupcake and the carrot cake. Max picked the double chocolate cake partly because of the lovely chocolate button decoration on top, but we were both pleasantly surprised by the cupcake itself. Chocolate cake can often be dry, but this cake was lovely and light, and the sweetened cream topping was a lovely change to the usual chocolate buttercream.


However our standout was the carrot cake. My choice, it was something I did not usually eat, but they looked so tempting in the shop disply that I couldn’t resist! There was no question that this was the right choice – wonderfully full of flavour, full of nuts and the cinnamon frosting was divine (I could have eaten it by the spoonful!)

No question that this cupcake is a permanent addition to my list of coffee shops – I can’t wait to go back. If you are in the Durham area please go and visit – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!